Pizza Bases - Large

30cm, 2 per Pack


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30cm, 2 per Pack

Colour: 30cm, 2 per Pack

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Storage: Freeze or store in a cool dry dark area as per 'normal' bread.

Shelf Life: 12 months from manufacture frozen, 4 days once thawed.

Allergens: No known allergens per NZFSA guidelines.

GMO Status: Free from genetically modified ingredients and components.


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  • Posted by Familyof5 on 04 Apr 2020

    5/5 star

    Your review...these are the best pizza bases we have found we adore them and even family members who don’t need to eat these particular bases as they have no allergy or intolerances issues still choose to purchase these. They are amazing and true to their word are still amazing after being frozen. We can now enjoy pizza as a family again without the worry of someone getting sick or complaining theirs looks different (kids notice everything) we all just enjoy these bases.

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